Now he firmly believes that the mark of a good Trainer and Coach are the results his clients get – it’s never about how good the Trainer is, it’s all about the success of the students. However, people do like to know a bit more about Jonathan’s background, so here it is:

Jonathan Clark has been described as “Sir Alan Sugar meets Peter Pan”.  He is first and foremost a Dad and a husband, but he’s also a Certified Life Coach, a Master Hypnotherapist, a Trainer of NLP and a BNI Director Consultant.

Glasgow life coach

He runs three businesses and is a bestselling author with six books on Amazon.  Having racked up over 5000 hours of 1 to 1 consultations Jonathan is often hired as a Keynote speaker.  He increased Morgan Stanley sales by 40% within 30 days, has trained Barclays’ Sales Trainers and has lectured twice at the Peter Jones Entrepreneur Academy.

A regular speaker at the Tom Hunter Centre at Strathclyde University, his achievements have been featured by The Daily Mail, The Fred MacAulay Show, STV, BBC Radio Scotland and Radio Clyde.

I provide step by step strategies that act like treasure maps.

25 years’ experience running my own businesses

I help small businesses look huge, and established businesses grow bigger, so they get more leads, close more deals and can take more time off.

I spent 7 years in the civil service, then a few years in Financial Services, all the time learning various tools for making my life easier – personal development, Hypnosis, NLP, Feng Shui, Huna, Life Coaching–I decided that I could help people more through those things, things that I enjoyed, than working for someone else in a job I didn’t like.  Can you relate to that?

Glasgow executive coaching

My first attempt at being an entrepreneur was in 1985 when I, aged 18, ran a superhero comic fanzine which I typed, collated, edited and sold.  I had regular subscribers, accounts, distribution, and made money doing what I loved.  That stuck with me.  It’s funny, recently a friend found some of my fanzines for sale on Ebay!!

Later on, 1990, the fanzine evolved into a professional superhero magazine that was in John Menzies, Smiths, etc.  I remember walking into the newsagents at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre and there it was on the shelf!  I got to interview the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in LA 6 months before the movie came out in the UK.  I interviewed Stan Lee, the man who invented The Hulk and Spider Man.  It was a magical time doing what you love and being paid to do it!

Then that magazine deal ended abruptly, and I decided I was never going to work for anyone ever again.  And by that time I’d done NLP, Mindstore, fire walking and all that good stuff.  So I set myself up as a therapist and put some postcards in shop windows.

When I started out all I had was blind faith that what I did worked.  I had no training, no experience and no one to advise me.  I did have debts and bills to pay.  The pain of that drove me to dive in at the deep end and make it up as I went along.  Twenty five years later I’m still in business, earning the most I ever have and I love what I do.  But I wouldn’t advise you do it the way I did.  Learn from my mistakes, model what works and enjoy having a smooth transition into owning your own profitable business.  Is that what you’re looking for?

Glasgow start a business

In my last month employed, my monthly wage was £850.  In my first month self-employed, 30 days later, I earned exactly the same – £850.  But working half the hours.  The next month I earned £1,600.  Since then I’ve consistently  had 5 figure months and 6 figure years.

Increased Morgan Stanley call centre sales by 40% in 30 days

Trained Barclays sales trainers in advanced selling techniques

Twice been a guest lecturer at the Peter Jones Entrepreneur Academy

Bestselling author with 6 books on Amazon, with another 25 in the pipeline

Creator of 17 audio home study programmes

Glasgow coaching and mentoring

eBay Powerseller

Amazon private label seller

Glasgow start business

Director Consultant in BNI, the world’s largest business referral organisation.  I have been in the top 10% of members in the region.

I have run my own therapy & consultancy practice for two decades now which was started from scratch with no training, no coaching and no experience in marketing and promotion.  When I quit my job and went self-employed, my first month’s takings equalled my last pay check.  In my second month it doubled.  It then grew on average 30% per annum.

Studied with Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Brendon Burchard, Anthony Robbins, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Alex Mandossian, Russell Brunson, Marlon Sanders, Paul Gorman, Mike Koenigs, Pam Hendrickson, Thomas Leonard

Glasgow executive coaching

I’ve been interviewed on local radio-stations and my work has been featured by BBC Scotland, by the channel STV2, in the Sunday Post, Sunday Mail and the Glasgow Herald.

I was trained and certified over three years by Coach University in the States founded by Thomas Leonard, which is probably one of the longest-running if not THE first life-coaching companies on the planet.  I recommend Coach University over and above any other life-coaching companies, because they seem to have the definitive, comprehensive model on how to do that. If you’re going to model a good Life Coach, then go to the company that’s been here the longest, who consistently turn out elegant and exquisitely skilled coaches.

In the past I was a qualified Financial Adviser.  I spent a number of years in financial planning and financial services advising people on what to do with their savings, investments and pensions.  That comes in handy.  It also exposed me to the world of sales and all that kind of thing, which generally is a source of references of what not to do.   However, it did emphasise regulation and governing bodies, which I firmly believe in.

Also, I’m a Master Practitioner of Time-Line Therapy, personally trained and certified by Tad James and David Shephard.  Time-Line Therapy is a particular technique devised by Tad James, which enables you to let go of emotional traumas very, very quickly – in minutes, in fact, not years.  It also enables you to create things that you want to happen in your future, and to change things that have happened to you in your past, or change the effect that they have on you.

Glasgow life coach

There’s more.  I’m also a Master Hypnotherapist, a registered and certified Hypnotherapist and have used hypnotherapy with hundreds of clients in my therapy practice over the last 25 years.

I’ve taught classes and workshops as a lecturer in three Scottish colleges, and am regularly asked back to talk to the Entrepreneur  Course at Strathclyde on how to set up in a private practice that’s profitable from month to month.  In fact, one of my seminars teaches you exactly how to do that, how to set up a service-based professional practice, such as therapy or life coaching, starting from zero and earning a profit within your first month.     Previous clients include professional Football players, television actors, newscasters, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Stockbrokers, Virgin Cinemas, Hilton Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Texstyle World, Decorum, Laura Ashley, Waterstones, Slaters Estate Agents, Share, and Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce.

BUT I HAD NO COACH  No mentor.  No marketing skills.  No plan.  I was skint, and I was enthusiastic.  In my first year I made £9813 on those traits alone.  So you have no excuse!!  If you can’t make a minimum of £9813 in the next 12 months I’ll have no sympathy for you!

I help people change their lives.  To be honest I’ve always felt the desire to help people, and when I began to get results using these methods on myself, it never crossed my mind to work with others.  I never set out to be a therapist of Life Coach or Trainer – I was going to be a journalist.

All in all I’ve worked with professional sports people, Scottish celebrities, Morgan Stanley, Barclays and have drawers full of testimonials from delighted clients.  I’ve trained thousands of people on my live training courses and webinars, and having worked as a representative for Tony Robbins I  launched the Glasgow YES group in 1996.

Glasgow executive coaching

All in all that’s amounted to over 5000 Hours of 1:1 consultations, plus hundreds of seminars, workshops and training courses

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